Why Single HTML Element?

  • just a fun challenge, interesting right? and yes this was my first thought, and turns out a single element can do quite a lot
screenshot of rating component with single element
  • less elements, better performance, alough most projects won’t encounter performance problem, still someone may need it
single-element(bottom left) rating vs multi-element(top right), both repeated 10,000 times (single-element react much faster and cost less resource)

How To Code It Out?

a input of type range is pretty suitable for the rating job, for rating 1–5 stars, just like setting the range, but first we need to remove the default styles of range element

Yet another guide to how to build an npm package? Yes and no. I will cover a bunch of things, but not npm commands and package.json fields neither to publish some stupid helloworld on npm. I believe npm is somewhere people publish something useful to others, maybe you want to publish something useful too, I hope this article can bring you some idea

Things I will cover

  • define the problem and solve it
  • abstract and parameterize it for general use
  • choose language, framework and build tool
  • code, test and back to code
  • document and publish to npm

Really recommand have…

totally agree, and there is already a solution, firebase, but most cases I want it selfhosted, that's a problem

Nearly every software developer more-or-less knows React. Even some backend developers or machine learning developers — and even some non-developers. Yes, it’s a good library, elegant and promising. Every frontend developer talks about its API, its optimization, its inner mechanisms.

Inner Mechanism

The inner mechanisms are the most important part, but how to understand them? Reading React source code is certainly an option but can feel overwhelming. So, do we read some digests from someone who has read all the source code? I wonder how many digests we can read to get a complete understanding. …

Before we start

I always believe web front end is not enough, through there are guys working every day coding CSS only. But even a frontend work with JavaScript, HTML and CSS, have strong knoledge of browser mechanics, network protocals and greate data structure and algorithm, such a guy is perfect? Still very limited I believe.

Why? Because you cannot design a whole system, you can not do anything backend, you need to follow what the backend designs. It’s different when you design a whole system, there are alway better ways, to reduce latency, to make better user experience.

So suggest you go…

Most articles teach you to train on VOC or COCO, yes you trained and have good result, yet do you learn ML just to detect such objects everyone can do? Here in this article, I guide you though the steps for training on DOTA dataset — A Large-scale Dataset for Object DeTection in Aerial Images

the official site refered an yolov2 repo, from where I borrowed some code too

here is my yolov3 repo

you can have a quick glance on youtube and see how it works

git clone xxxx/dota-yolo
cd dota-yolo

download link can be found here


If you want a custom Object Detection of your own, and do not have much time coding (or even not a coder), now you can use my project

Above all, let’s have a quick glance

quick glance of ease-training

So all you need are images with contents you want to detect.

Start the server

For me myself use an Ubuntu desktop, you can use OS as you like, but I’m not sure of softwares’ compatibility with others

We need docker and docker-compose to run my images

then GPU driver and nvidia-docker, I install CUDA directly which include GPU driver, anyway I need to…

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